ConDoc Tools Sketchup Plugin

The ConDoc Tools for SketchUp Pro

Plan Generator

Efficiently Generate Plans
•Add section planes based on finished floor heights.
•Scenes seamlessly sync with scrapbooks.
•Control line weights.
•Leverage dynamic hatches.
•Work within a flexible and scaleable system of standards.

Skalp For Sketchup Plugin

Skalp for Sketchup plugin - Learn the fundamentals of Skalp for SketchUp by following along with this video series. Each video will introduce new tools and essential techniques to the Skalp work flow.

Skalp Video tutorial: getting started

Sketchup City Planning Workflow

Sketchup City Planning

City Planning Workflow - 1: Downtown Master Plan

City Planning Workflow - 2: Details and Illustrator Work

Nick Sonder Process 6 - SketchUp Model tips

Nick shows how he builds and structures a SketchUp model and what level of detail he adds. He also covers how he resolves the complex roof forms that are often part of his designs.

Nick Sonder Process 5 - LayOut tips

Nick covers the basics of various LayOut tools and shares tips along the way including movement, dimensions and editing and output quality.

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